5 Beaches to Relax with Costa Rica Vacation Rentals Nearby You Didn’t Know about!

Costa Rica is a jewel in Central America, it has amazingly beautiful landscapes. It is one of the top 20 countries with the highest biodiversity and regarding accommodation services. There are quality Costa Rica Vacation Rentals and great resorts. There are many fun and exciting activities for which Costa Rica is known; however, it also has the most beautiful beaches for you to simply relax.

Guanacaste Province is one of the areas with higher tourist activity since there have been so many natural attractions nearby. This area of the Pacific Coast has fascinating beaches; where you can delight from just being by the sea and if you decide. You can also visit some of the spots for surfing or more fun activities in this magical paradise.

Five Beaches in Guanacaste you Need to Go to Relax with Costa Rica Vacation Rentals Nearby

  • Potrero Beach (Playa Potrero)

This bay is located to the south of Potrero Village and to the north of Flamingo Beach; to the east, the bay has a volcano range. Furthermore,  the waters are turquoise and though it is a great place for relaxing. There are water tour services nearby and visitors can also visit the neighboring Santa Rosa National Park and Monteverde Natural Reserve.

Costa Rica Vacation Rentals

This beach, 45 minutes away from Liberia by car, has a few hotels as well as some great Costa Rica luxury villas nearby, right at Potrero Beach.

  • Salinas Bay (Bahía Salinas)

This beautiful bay near the border with Nicaragua is located in the north of Guanacaste Province. This location is calm and good for relaxing. It is characterized by having strong winds; which are perfect for those who want to have a different activity as surfing in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Vacations Rental

This beach, located 1 and a half hour from Liberia by car, is near Santa Rosa National Park and Bolanos Island, a perfect place for bird-watchers. The beautiful bay has nearby great Costa Rica resorts, perfect for a luxurious vacation.

  • Panama Beach (Playa Panamá)

This beach is located to the south of Culebra Bay and it is near Panama, Hermosa and Coco Beaches. It is an amazing trip if you can stay in Costa Rica Vacation Rentals nearby since it has such an amazing weather. It is characterized by having dark sand without rocks and a calm tide which make the conditions for swimming just perfect. Nearby this beach are the national parks: Rincon de la Vieja, Palo Verde and Santa Rosa.

Regarding lodging options, there are a couple of hotels with great services that actually face the sea and where you can rest in amazing suites right in Panama Beach.

  • Culebra Bay (Bahía Culebra)

This bay is located to the northwest of Guanacaste Province and it is shaped like an arc. The beaches of the bay are characterized by clear waters; white sand, and many other water activities. Nearby the bay are the national parks: Palo Verde, Rincon de la Vieja, and Santa Rosa, which you can also visit.

Costa Rica Vacation Rentals

This bay is greatly developed for tourism as it is near the Papagayo Project; in which, the goal is to make Costa Rica a central destination for visitors worldwide with the installment of luxury accommodation facilities; a luxury marina and all the V.I.P. services of the highest quality. Near Culebra Bay you can find the best Costa Rica resorts and Costa Rica luxury villas; simply the best Costa Rica luxury homes.

  • Royal Beach (Playa Real)

This is a more secluded location if you searching for a place that is not as crowded as other more popular locations in Guanacaste. It is, located to the south of Conchal Beach and to the north of Tamarindo Beach. It is, characterized by having aquamarine waters. Nearby this beach is the Marino Las Baulas National Park with a tropical dry forest and a high biodiversity.

Regarding accommodation options, they are mostly luxurious, comprising Costa Rica luxury homes. Which, you can book in advance by contacting any of the property management companies, something you can even do online.

Costa Rica Vacation Rental

There are many popular beaches and destinations in Guanacaste. But, there are also many more secluded and less crowded options that are worth venturing to visit as they also offer experiences of unique beauty; relaxation, and the greatest tourist services. Furthermore, to plan out your trip well, check out lodging options near those destinations.

Property management companies do a great job finding one of the best Costa Rica luxury homes that is suitable for you to make this a one in a lifetime experience.

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