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At Brokers Costa Rica, we offer an exclusive range of beachfront villas, magnificent townhouses, and residences set at perfect proximity to the ocean, offering you the most splendid view. Our resorts en Costa Rica offer services such as car rentals, airport transfers, and babysitters, etc.

Useful Tips for Beginning Surfers

Surfing is part of almost everybody's bucket list. The excellent news is surfing is an easy and fun sport but requires time and effort to get better at it. Some of the tips for beginners in surfing are:

  • Get help with training - Never try surfing all by yourself even for the fun of it. Taking things for granted out in the sea can lead to fatal consequences. Get training from an experienced friend or professional surfer to help you learn the basics, do's and don’ts of the sport.
  • Start with a big surfboard - A large board is the best way to start training as it helps understand the fundamentals much better and provides more security.
  • Invest in a soft-Top - When you start surfing, you are prone to spend more time sitting on it than standing. Soft-top boards are great entry boards, and they offer more safety than surfboards made with fiberglass and epoxy.

You have free access to relish in fun water sports at our resorts en Costa Rica. We offer the best training, right spot for surfing and the surfing gear on rentals to pump you up with adrenaline rush while on your holiday.

What should I pack for a beach holiday?

Nothing is more daunting than packing for a holiday. Packing for a beach holiday can be even trickier because it involves packing of so many accessories, clothes, skincare essentials, etc. A sunscreen with SPF 50+ can offer you the best protection from the sun and harmful UV rays. Carry comfortable clothing that allows for good air circulation.

Cotton and linen are the best fabrics that can help you endure the hot sun while you have some fun in the water. Do not forget to pack up your flip flops and casual shoes. Also, make sure to pack up essentials such as the swimwear, sundresses, hats, beach towels, camera, ziplock bags, beach bags, and medicine kit.

How do I prepare my body for surfing?

If you plan a holiday with surfing shortly, preparing your body for it can make you feel more comfortable and confident while you indulge in the sport. Start swimming at least 20 minutes a day, 2-3 days a week to improve strength, speed, and stamina. Do planks at least 15 to 20 minutes a day to strengthen your core. A strong core can help you sustain balance on the surfboard.

Push-ups and squats are other great exercises to strengthen your upper and lower body muscles to prepare for surfing. To enjoy a perfect holiday, get in touch with Brokers Costa Rica today. Our resorts en Costa Rica can offer you a relaxing, harmonious, and lavish stay while you enjoy Costa Rica's charm.

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