Playa Hermosa

Do you plan on traveling to Costa Rica? Then you need to know about Playa Hermosa, one of the high-quality resorts within the country. It stands for Hermosa Beach, a beautiful area with access to the sea. Our Brokers in Costa Rica offer you access to various rental locations there.

Playa Hermosa activities

You can engage in many activities once you get there. Depending on the specific hotel you chose, you would have access to a BBQ grill, a shared pool, a golf field, and the beach. There are no extra costs associated with any of these activities, except that you’ll need your own meat for the BBQ.

Through our concierge services, we can send you whatever supplies you require or ship them to your hotel room directly. This way, you won’t have to bother with shopping chores. We shoulder these responsibilities, so you can relax and enjoy your vacation. Only 10 minutes away, you’ll find Playas del Coco, the local beach. That’s where you’ll also find most of the shopping centers and restaurants.

Excellent vacation rentals

Check our online platform and choose one of the many hotels or resorts, check-in, and live your dream. We are among the few travel entities that provide such services in Costa Rica. In Playa Hermosa, we currently have 16 luxury rentals waiting for you, each with their own activities and unique locations.

We strive to make your vacation more comfortable and efficient than ever before. You shouldn’t have to worry about unnecessary details. Let us help you with your journey’s management. We pride ourselves on delivering high-end services and quality assistance to our clients, so you can thoroughly enjoy your free time.

How can I travel efficiently and low-cost?

Through our vacation rentals services, you can quickly discover the cheapest and most advantageous rentals in Costa Rica. Make an appointment, check-in, and enjoy the efficiency of traveling with us. We provide special sightseeing tours for our clients, either by land or by sea. This way, you can discover the wonders of Costa Rica without buying maps or getting lost in the jungle.

We dedicate ourselves to helping you travel effortlessly, safely, and as comfortably as possible. Moreover, we provide luxury services in the form of specialty concierge at your doorstep. Because we maintain constant contact with all the hotels and resorts in Costa Rica, we know which is more suitable for your needs.

Is Costa Rica a good vacation destination?

Costa Rica is among the most beautiful and exhilarating vacation destinations in the world. Regardless of the reasons for your visit, we’ll manage your travel accommodations and all other needs. The Playa Hermosa rental location has direct access to the sea, excellent living conditions, and exciting outdoor activities.

Trust our Brokers in Costa Rica, and your vacation will be a success. We bring the best resorts, the most efficient services, and the most interesting private journeys. Over the 14 years of luxury hospitality services, we have always stood firm by one principle – maximum comfort for our clients.

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