Casa Brewer’s

The house fronts on Paseo del Mar, a seaside pedestrian street along Playa Danta in the center of the Beach Town neighborhood of Las Catalinas. Behind the house is Plaza Escondida, a delightful small foutain court, and a small pedestrian street called Paseo de los Ninos. The house offers tremendous views of the beach, ocean, sunset, and Las Catalinas.

The main house forms a modifed “H” shape, with a two story open-­‐air loggia connecting the north and south wings. The north wing contains the kitchen living areas on the ground floor, two bedrooms and a family room on the second floor, and a junior master bedroom on the third floor. The south wing has a grotto dining area on the ground floor, the master bedroom on the second floor, and an office on the third floor.

The living room opens to a spacious porch overlooking Paseo del Mar and the ocean. The kitchen is stocked with a full array of professional cooking utensils, appliances, serving dishes, etc.


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