A Joyful Vibe, Great Weather, Costa Rica Real Estate, and More in Amazing Christmas Vacations

There are many reasons why it is a great choice to visit Costa Rica; the people, the weather, Costa Rica real estate, and other reasons make it a desirable destination. This small country houses 6% of the world’s biodiversity in beautiful landscapes where you can go on incredible adventures; in addition, the infrastructure for a comfortable experience filled with luxury is available for greatest pleasure.

What Are the Main Reasons to Choose Costa Rica as Destination for Christmas Vacations?

  • The Joyful “Pura Vida” Vibe

The end of December is a time when Costa Ricans are also enjoying their vacations; in addition, during this time many people have cashed a Christmas bonus which allows them to celebrate. This means, that during this time, you’ll be able to mingle with locals and experience that famous “pura vida” vibe; Costa Ricans, or Ticos, as they are usually referred to, are joyful people who enjoy to party, dance, and have a good time.

There are towns like Coco Beach where there is usually an ongoing fiesta; the many establishments, such as: cafés, bars, and restaurants allow nocturnal activity where locals and tourists often interact. In addition, this is a time of parades, celebrations, Christmas decorations and a noticeable holiday vibe; it is a fabulous decision to be in this tropical country during these days.

In Christmas Eve, Costa Ricans are experiencing the dry season; it’s a time when the constant and heavy rains have faded and completely disappeared to give way to warm, sunny days. The rainy season is characterized by frequent rains; however, when the dry season begins, parades and outdoors activities can safely be planned. In addition, the weather feels just perfect.

COsta Real Estate

Another advantage of this weather is that this season begins just as the winter starts in the Northern Hemisphere; therefore, you can escape the cold weather, the sweaters, coats, and furry clothes and change it for a bathing suit. It is the perfect time to visit the beach, go on amazing water adventures and sunbathe; you can forget about the heavy clothing and the snow.

There are numerous resorts and hotels in Costa Rica; however, a new trend is to change luxurious resorts for house rentals. In this regard, the Costa Rica real estate has incredible options for tourists and visitors seeking a longer stay; the rental properties Costa Rica available count with modern designs, and they are equipped with top of the line appliances.

Some Fabulous Destinations with Amazing Rental Properties Costa Rica

  1. Papagayo Peninsula

In addition to incredible hotels and resorts, the area counts with amazing house rentals. These are beachfront Costa Rica luxury villas where its customers can delight from the amenities of nearby resorts; maintenance, cleaning services, private food services, and more, are some of the services you can enjoy in these Costa Rica luxury villas. There are 31 beaches to visit during your Christmas vacation.

  1. Hermosa Beach, Guanacaste

Located in the Papagayo Gulf, Hermosa Beach Guanacaste (there is another Hermosa Beach in Puntarenas Province) is conveniently located; it has wonderful natural destinations nearby, and the options in Costa Rica house rentals are incredible. If you want to see breathtaking natural beauty, Santa Rosa National Park is nearby, Northeast of Papagayo Peninsula; Guanacaste National Park is also near.

  1. Coyote Beach

This beach may not be as popular as Hermosa Beach, or Papagayo Peninsula, but it certainly is beautiful. It’s a wet area with coastal landscapes and lush forests, but there are also streams of water in the area; in fact, 4×4 wheel drive vehicles are needed to access the town. Nevertheless, the difficult road to go through is definitely worth the effort. Costa Rica house rentals in secluded Coyote Beach are incredible.

Costa Rica Real Estate

  1. Tamarindo Beach

Tamarindo Beach is known for its world-class sportfishing; this was once a small town that has developed incredibly into a great tourist destination, though it remains calm. In addition, the Tamarindo Wildlife Refuge houses great biodiversity; it is a big attraction for tourists. The options in Tamarindo Beach are, therefore, numerous; regarding accommodation and other services, it has it all.

Costa Rica is an incredible destination throughout the year; however, those who have the opportunity to visit during Christmas Eve, get to experience a fabulous time. There are beaches like popular Coco Beach and others in other provinces like Santa Teresa that have great tourist services; the people, the weather and the Costa Rica real estate truly are reasons to pack and visit wonderful Costa Rica!

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A Joyful Vibe, Great Weather, Costa Rica Real Estate, and More in Amazing Christmas Vacations
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